Theo Jupp is the Lib Dem PPC for Oxford East.

I’m honoured to be the Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Oxford East.

Together with Layla Moran and our superb councillor team, I’ll defend our core liberal principles of community, environmentalism, and internationalism. I’ll stand up to Labour and the Tories’ culture wars on LGBT+ people and migrants without ever compromising on my values to appease bigotry. I’ll challenge a Labour Party that has little to offer other than reheated Tory austerity. I'll tirelessly campaign for large-scale investment into new housing and transport infrastructure so that Oxford can grow sustainably for decades to come. And, as a young adult, I’ll be an authentic voice for the 30% of Oxford residents aged 18 to 29 who remain conspicuously absent from political decision-making.

Before becoming a safe Labour seat in 2015, Oxford East was a Lib-Lab marginal for a decade. Traditional Labour and Tory voters across Oxfordshire are switching to the Lib Dems in droves: it’s time for the same to happen in our constituency.

The Lib Dem fightback in Oxford East is on.